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What About the Beaches in Puerto Rico

If you have not visited Puerto Rico yet, you are in for a treat. This country is a tropical paradise and receives relatively little rainfall. The climate is mild and summers are typically hot and humid.


There are a multitude of beaches from which to choose in Puerto Rico. Some of the more popular include Cabo rosticchio with its soft sand and clear blue waters, Cabo seldo with its rock-strewn coastline, Playa Circle with its resort-style hotels, and Busch Island, which is located on a small island in St. Thomas and the westernmost of the two main islands in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination not only because of its ideal location but also because of its beaches.


The topography of Puerto Rico is quite diverse. There are several mountain ranges, especially in the north; a subtropical rainforest,Clearwater bay, and Cabo rosticchio, plus coral reefs in the south; and an arid, dry climate throughout the rest of the island. Due to the fact that most of the island is mountainous, the climate is surprisingly pleasant.


Puerto Rico has a beautiful climate and a distinctive four seasons – although, strange for a tropical island, the seasons are neither regular nor predictable. The island has slightly more rain in some years than others, with the wettest part of the year being in January. This island also has slightly more sunshine than it should have. In fact, according to many people’s opinion, the best time to visit the island is in the summer months of July and August. These temperatures are ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. The rains bring the flora and fauna of the rainforest, providing a vast outdoor museum that is practically a forest in itself.


When it comes to beaches, Puerto Rico could hardly be considered complete without Playa del Ferro. This busy sandy beach represents the two extremes of the island’s climate. The northern side of the island receives plenty of rain and is generally overgrown with trees, though the southern side of the island receives very little rain and is among the most pristinely beautiful beaches in the entire region. Playa del Ferro is often the first beach visitors arrive at after arriving on the taxi from San Juan. If you’re looking for a party, then Playa del Ferro is the place to be!


Another popular activity in Puerto Rico is snorkeling or scuba diving. Many of the reefs are in shallow depths and are only suitable for snorkeling or gently floating for thirty minutes or less. We have both scuba diving and snorkeling as an option for visitors, depending on what you are looking to do while in Puerto Rico. Be sure to visit these two diverse activities as part of your adventurous vacation.


The vast rainforest is as fascinating as ever. If you visit in the spring when the bell flowers are in bloom you may be lucky enough to see the famous carnivores of the rainforest-lions, leopards,stein ohsens, and Madagascar cats. If you are lucky, you may see a cheetah in full hunting mode.


In the Mara, leopards, sables, and painted cats are plentiful in numbers. Lions, in particular, may very well be your most memorable encounter with the wildlife of Puerto Rico.


In conclusion, Puerto Rico is more than a beautiful Caribbean island. It is a state with a unique culture and wildlife, and the more you know about it, the more you will enjoy it.


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