What Are the Best Nintendo DS Games?
It’s no surprise that there’s a wide variety of Nintendo DS games available out there. But, which ones are the best ones to buy? The following lists will present three of the best DS games available in the market today.

Nintendo DS Firecard สล็อตเว็บตรง

Are you looking for a way to store your entire DS collection? If so, then you will want to consider purchasing the Nintendo DS Firecard. This device can hold as many games as you want. Moreover, it can also allow you to download the games you want quickly. All you have to do is purchase the card, then plug it and put your games directly on the card.

Versus Other Storage Devices

Generally, other storage devices, such as the DSTT, make full use of the read/write functions of a computer. In addition, these devices do not have the capability to play audio or video files.iping 8/32bit and 16/64bit are the memory chips that these devices use.

One of the best features of the DS Firecard is that it does not require firmware hacks. This means that you can safely use this device without going through any hassle.Just plug it and inserted it into your DS, then you can start downloading all your favorite games.

hacks. This device is definitely one of the best if you compare it to the other storage devices. The other devices access your electronic data through devices that are not only slow, but also with weaker chips.

WLAN Ready

When you get tired of using your regular flashcards, then the DS Firecard comes to the rescue. Aside from providing you with the ultimate storage space, this device also allows you to easily transfer your favorite games to a computer. Now you can save money and be stress-free without having to spend more money to store your games.

• It is one of the best Handheld game consoles in the world. It is small enough to place it anywhere.

• It has a high definition LCD screen so you can see clearly even in prolonged playing sessions.

• You can easily use the touch screen feature to control the menu’s functions.

• The DS Firecard is one of the most popular storage devices. Thus, you won’t never be disappointed when you go through one of the world’s best handheld consoles.

• If you want to enjoy one of the best handheld consoles on the world, then you should purchase the DS Firecard. Even though it is one of the cheapest storage devices, you will get all the benefits you’ll ever come across with such a device.


Obviously, when you want to save money, you want to choose a device that will be less expensive compared to the others. Here’s why:

• There are also other options such as the M3 DS simply because it is smaller, allowing you to put it anywhere.

• They are also very cheap, making it cheaper than almost any other storage device.

• While the DSTT is one of the most expensive, it has the fastest access times, and thus playing those slow access times are pretty much not there.

• While the Acekard 2i is cheaper still, if you look at the price, it is still way too expensive when you consider the quality of the storage, the features, the speed, and more.


Of course, when you look at the storage devices that are available in the world today, the obvious choices are the micro SD cards. Micro SD cards are slot 1 devices, so they plug into the micro USB ports, in order to download and play.

The Acekard 2i is one of the cheapest UMD cards that is available in the market today. It still allows you to plug into the USB ports, supports the micro USB capability, and lets you use Wi-Fi for connectivity. This means that you can either stay connected with a friend, or surf the internet and check your emails.

What makes the Acekard 2i unique is that it contains a brighter, more colorful screen. Whether you are watching a movie or participating in a mobile phone ring, the bright screen makes you seem to be in the film.

F insects can also be added to the device’s screen by flashing the card itself. The flashing will only occur when the micro USB port is desired. Sometimes, this can be challenging, but it is usually simple to do. All you will need is a tiny amount of eyelash glue.

Word Acceptance

Even though the Acekard 2i is a text-freeze microSD card, it is not extremely virus-free. Of course, if you want to be safe, it is best not to browse websites. However, if you want to experiment, you can always do so. The card will prompt you if something is wrong with the software required to have the card running.