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Micing a Kick Drum
This months tip deals with micing a kick drum.

You wouldn’t believe how many people ask me about micing their kick drums. It leads me to believe people really don’t know how to. Micing Drum

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It became so fashionable in the mid-90’s through the early 2000’s to use MIDI that many engineers forgot that “real” drums are prepared and tuned beforehand. Before MIDI came along, you needed to actually tune your drums by ear. This is no longer the case.


Find the best songs for micing by ear. This may not be the first thing you think of, but it is a terrific exercise. Practice different miking techniques, volumes, and styles. Get a drum machine or a drum machine (robotronic analog orVirtualronic analog) and record your drum tracks. With those recorded tracks, take the time to fine tune each track by adding or removing material. You may even want to do a bit of editing. One thing you’ll be pleased to find is that often a song is mixed rather loosely in the first place. Adding and subtracting parts of songs to your final mix is often desired. So experiment and lean forward to make your song sound its absolute best. Micing Drum

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In my next article, I’ll be discussing(from left to right) drum layering, drum fills, drum soloing, and musical dynamics in general. Micing Drum

It’s worth mentioning that you always want to over-dress your drums for the best sound. You should always run some sort of sound through the PA. And always have some sort of monitor system handy. monitors are crucial! They allow you to hear the hi-hats clearly in clubs. They allow you to hear toms well in clubs. They allow you to hear toms and cymbals in performances. And they allow you to hear every other sound in your mix. What a huge advantage in mixing a live show. Micing Drum

Cymbal mics are great for toms. We’ve all heard our share of kick drum that sounds completely improper placed in a cymbal. It’s not a good thing. We’ve all heard too many kick drum tracks that have no distinct hi-hat or cymbal sound. It’s a very common problem at Jamendo, and other sites. The final output can often be unclear and probably frustrating to the person producing the final mix. Try to avoid such tracks. Pre-dubbed drum and bass tracks can also add a great deal of interactivity to your mixes even further. Micing Drum

If you’re going to add hi-hats, you need to make sure that they compliment your overall musical composition, not crowd out the scales and harmonies of the song. Generally, I tend to sit back on the mix and make sure that the harmonies and sounds are really working. Then I will go in and make changes as necessary to complement the drum and bass performance. One thing that is very challenging is listening to the original song and trying to figure out how to create a similar song but at the same time, different. This is one of the toughest challenges when mixing. I know that it can be overwhelming at first, but remember that you’re listening to your favorite songs over and over again, and trying to figure out how to blend these songs together. This will come with practice and if you listen with mental concentration, you will find that this technique will come easier.

Another challenge is that many tracks have changes in speed or tempo. Time will obviously fly by quickly when you’re working on this technique, so you need to make sure that you don’t lose the song. This is where time will flow into later challenges for you. Micing Drum

So basically, this is where a word of advice is needed. You see, this isn’t a technique that will come overnight. You need to set time aside daily or weekly to practice these techniques. These things do not just happen overnight. You need to put in the time and effort. Just about all the practice time in the world won’t make you a better drummer. You need to work on these techniques daily. Set a time that you allocate just for your practicing. Consistency is the key. See you in the practice room!  Micing Drum

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