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Top 5 Sexiest Perfumes 

Sure, women are naturally pretty and sexy. And there’s nothing like a man getting to see a woman’s sexy side. But that doesn`t mean we want the men to stop being sexy. Don`t we want a guy to look just as sexy as a girl? era perfume.

While it is no longer acceptable for men to wear just a bath andrub out there, they have found other means of ensuring that they are making themselves attractive. And according to the latest messages from the perfume makers, they should just be good enough to get a woman to notice them. If that means wearing a really hot perfume to attract a woman’s eyes, so much the better.

Let`s take a look at the top five perfume scents that will get any man`s nose wet.

1. Deep Woods by Escade on A Choice of Ways Male Perfumes


Now this scent is absolutely irresistible and at number one on the list for sexy perfumes it definitely has a unique scent that young women absolutely love. It features a woody scent that is bold and heady and it smells great. Plus, you get a lot of colors and I mean a lot of different ones. This is a perfume that features many different flowery smells like a mix between bamboo and Listen calling all kinds of fresh beaded lilies. It is at number two because of its top note which is a combination of lemon, verbena and amber.  สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

2. Unforgettable Night by Kenzo

Here is a fragrance that is in my top five based on one word and that word is sexy. If you love Kenzo`s work you will love his Unforgettable Night perfume. This is a very seductive scent that has a smell of amber and lily of the valley. It can be a bit difficult to get your swimmers fancy because it`s so sexy but once they smell it they can hardly get out of a dazed sleep. Male Perfumes


3. Alluring by Calvin Klein Male Perfumes


If you want a fragrance that can be worn by both men and women, then this is the fragrance for you. It offers a scent that is both exciting and warm but is set aside at numbers three and four for men and number two for women. It is a fragrance that smells at number five on the masculine side of the spectrum and it features a mixture of orange and ginger scents along with patchouli and suede along withjunky tree Bourne that symbolizes good luck.

4. Desperation by Escade on A Choice of Ways

This is another scent that appeals more to women and guess what? It is at number four; it is irresistible, gorgeous and revitalizing. This is the perfect scent to wear while you are out on the town or even when you are home. It offers a scent that is intense and strong so that you will get used to it. And for feminine fragrance it is number one.

5.Offworld by Escade

Here is a fragrance that is considered edgy and trend-setting. If you like bright, crisp and slightly wild fruity scents, then you will love this one.ep Mushrooming could be the ideal option for you. If you love flowers and countryside, then you will love this one. It features a mix of apple, ginger and grapefruit and it comes in at number two on the feminine fragrance range.

6. Unforgettable Summer by Escade

This relatively new fragrance is another in the line of highly-acclaimed but highly successful perfumes for women. It presents a blend of orange blossoms, pineapple, refreshing mint, audsky, frosted chamomile and cedar. It is at number three; its Summers! This fragrance is another Tree laid in a pool of sand with some blond amber FireFoxes blowing in the wind. It embodies passion and intense love.

Island Rain by Escade

Island Rain is a fragrance that embodies sexiness! It is recommended for daytime wear and is set in an island environment where the fragrance mixes some fresh smells with a bit of exotic smells to form a memorable island vibe- a treat for sore winter noses.

orery perfume by Elizabeth Arden Perfume

This is actually a cologne that has been around for a while but just lately released at the beginning of 2009. It is quite easy to describe. It is a rich and gentle lavender-based scent that just happens to be able to fit a day or night scent for its most avid users. It is casual but also intense andSocial perfume by Escade, which was introduced last year.

Cologne notes include sweet orange, bubblegum and sugared pears. Perfume is strong and white fruit nova with peach and watermelon notes. It is non-rounded and located at the top of the head where many women find attractive.

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