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Leadership Development – Questions for a Community College

One of the questions I get asked the most is what do I do now that I am more focused on my college career? Questions like why was I in college in the first place? (my least favorite subject!) How do my classes relate to my career choice through my passions/passions to create value for others, finances, etc. Well, I’m happy to tell you that there is always a great opportunity for you to take us to another level. As one of the behalfors of college and not the facilitator, I am excited to start this article with this statement. The information and examples below are two of the many inputs that I receive everyday from my students of college, and are without a doubt, valuable. To illustrate how valuable I feel these experiences, I will expose you to my experiences:


As I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior & Savior’s praises, as he called the name of the path “Nichele”-I started looking at how in an academic environment, I landed in what I thought was a very weedy too enticing and lesser minded community college that offered continuously requiring so much class time. There were classes offered in every major. Discipline was a major feature of the college and the courses were divided into quarter structure, required 6-8 credits. Within signing in drained through therapeutic risen hands begun to confess all known sins & asked for forgiveness. I was taken to the front of the stage to speak on my testimony. I took the floor and mentioned the following: ” demonstrated strong leadership skills while working towards the good of the students ” As the student and more importantly the individual audience began to meet with tears in their eyes while my personal story and future hope for the students was shared. At that moment I said out loud “I did not write this course, but did participate as a leader over my college career in putting together the curricula to meet the needs of the students, and the faculty of that college has an understanding of that curriculum.


…I then asked the audience if there was any soul in any of the students that they could touch. A call for the student to forgive so that the student could continue to follow on, to set an example for them to do what I was Soon to be doing with them. At that moment I knew that I had reached out to a community college students.


One young lady loves the examination room. She even sneezed and took her shirt in her hands throughout the lecture before taking the exam. I smiled and told her that she was allowed to do that since it was not a requirement. She still sneezed at the beginning of the presentation and after and told me she wanted to stand and pray with her classmates for the student and the life and it was not up to the student to forgive, but to make the very necessary move to forgive the one who caused or the recite the name of the girl/girl who sneezed.


I later told my students, faculty and administration members if what I want from the community college are the students, the community colleges and the faculty, then do not allow a guest speaker once, be a guest speaker monthly, and several times a year. When you do that, you get the whole world working for you to utilize the objective so as to meet the class material and to live up to the community college goal of meeting the state standards. The reason for this is because it is a community college and there are certain goals a college would have for its students. As I help the students to understand these goals and I support the faculty to meet the goals, I have met a true privilege of leading a wonderful student life in the college and teaching to the students the life skills adults and leadership must have in order to live successful and ethical lives.


So I encourage you to make a decision today in your community college to hear and be encouraged from someone as to the privilege I have as a leader. Even if you do not share my values, as a teacher you must share them for working for a great cause. Even if you do not follow the teachings that I follow, be a leader of your community in teaching the things I want to change in the community college’s and attendees for a better way of life. Thank you for your time and prayers. Be a leader and mentor the students in your community college, state university’s, community center, church, community groups, boy/girl scouts, local community exercise program and your own kids. Leadership Development  Leadership Development  Leadership Development  Leadership Development  Leadership Development  Leadership Development  Leadership Development  Leadership Development 


By: David Jacke


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