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crooked Stylists – How to Avoid Becoming a Latest Trend Setter

It is not Rodeo times and couture fashion designers are pulling up the reins, shrugs are being taken off and outfits are being scaled down. Go low dressing buddy! It is evident this is a season of sophisticated minimalism.


With crisp white shirts and beautifully cut suit jackets back in, it is time to get nostalgic. But first, for you to steal some time, read on to sniffing out the latest trends in men’s streetwear… สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย


So what’s new and exciting? 


First of all, a nod to the past. The two most important factors to remember are:


* Smart and stylish is the keyword – Don’t forget your Cro stops and look tough.* Don’t be a walking, talking fashion lemming.* Don’t be afraid of colour and texture


It’s time to look manicured and put those ear wounds and ugly hair bands to one side. We’ve all been there. It’s quite impossible to feel fashionable when your hair looks like a caterpillar. Chances are high that you’re just a plain old bug up on a bald spot or someone’s worst nightmare.


Gone are the sleek, chiseled suits and spike heel Doc Martens. It’s time to soften up and look a little more urban residual. Long gone are the flashy shades and numerous buckles. It’s all about the quality. crooked Stylists


Urban fashion often adapts the drumbeat of current urban trends. Over the past few years we’ve seen artists such as deadmandarin, Abec scale and Blacksheep stretch their influences back onto the streets and expand upon the turntable influences of urban DJ’s. We saw a nod to this movement within this year’s Hottest filmed shows and festival. We saw the emergence of the reapp Allegae and the steady diet of releases fromcloudinary, dinosaur23 and Rainy Jay. There was also a show totally dominated by rain robots, Akademiks, Drees and Silk knit. crooked Stylists


So what is urbanwear? crooked Stylists


Urbanwear, at it’s heart, is the next evolution of street wear. It continues to evolve, adapt and innovate. Designers such as mattijo graffiti andsol Athletics adapt new influences and pizazz from old waist coats to new boots and sneakers. Other design influences are; doctor jackets, utility jackets and 1960’s style Polka dots.


What do the Jackets say about me?


Metallics are in right now with shiny, lightweight shades. Think an early 80’s take on “the chasing incident”.


Classic Jacket crooked Stylists


The “classics” are snug-fitting and lightweight with clean, simple silhouettes. Some of the most admired designs within the retro round up tend to be; simple/clean designs, clean seams and shapes, with clean narrow lapels (minimal shoulders in proportion to the slim/rench coat silhouette) and shawl collar styles.


Some of the most respected Jackets include; American Apparel’s Dirtyoker, Hom petty’s ball gown, Hom stole urban, J Luke shoes military jacket and Luke jeans.


What do the pants say about me? crooked Stylists


With trends leaning towards Bellbottoms and wide leg pants it is clear that 30s and 40s style pedal pushers are back and booming. Pleat-front pants are the ultimate in formal. If you think they make you look fat, think again. Flares are in and they’re massive!


Flares are in and they’re massive! Fabric of your best choice and interest. A classic shirt or tee chemise and we’re sorted. Fabric plays a huge part here; soft, textured fabrics are perfect; think silk, velvet, brocade and cotton jacquard in timeless, figure-flattering shades. ignore the latest High Street trends. Just because it says 14/8 on the label doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your figure. crooked Stylists


Acquire the traits that you desire. If you love the flattering V neck, go for it. Cardigans do it all for you. Remember the essential component: its shape, cut and colouring. Check out recent campaigns from Laurel and Hardy and you’ll see them at the height of their popularity. The fit is a constant emphasizer of a shapely, flattering proportion: a tapered waist, curving shapely hips, subtle pleats that create shape.


Accessories capitalsise on proportion. boyfriend jeans do great for creating curves, so do grunge jeans (if you are one of the slender graduating population!). Stripes, prints and patterns can create the illusion of added curves if you are a plump girl. But patterns need to be changed for you. You can create a particularly flattering and flattering look by using texture here to enhance your best features. Brows create the illusion of narrower hips.

crooked Stylists