The Bellagio

TheBellagio is a huge complex of art and music made in the Italian style. The Bellagio is located in the middle of the city of Las Vegas. It is a place well known for sculptures, dancing and other exciting entertainment.


The architecture of the Bellagio is a beautiful blend of the traditional and modern styles. The bell tower is made completely out of marble and you can only imagine how beautiful the view must be. On top of the tower there are a series of courtyards. In each of these courtyards there are wonderful views of the city of Las Vegas and the Valley of the Moon.


Visitors can climb the stairs to the top of the bell tower where there is a beautiful fountain. One of the most famous sights in the tower is the great dome. It is covered in more than 3,000 tiles of varying colors. It can be clearly seen that the Bellagio has been around since the 3rd century. The traditional music played in the tower has been composed by Mozart.    สล็อตเว็บตรง


Hoffman Island:


It is a Gemini flare in the desert. The island stands in stark contrast to the famous Hoover Dam. It was valued as an communications station in the past. A museum has been built on the island and in all there are six stages of great shows.


It is worth to hire a helicopter to take a look at the sickle Mill that was built in the 18th century. The exhibitions are worth a look.


In all there are 23 rooms in the museum. Two of the rooms are inhabited by the rocking chairs that the sailors used to use. Another interesting thing about the rooms is that there is a lot of art work exhibited there. Roomcoe Museum is the remaining part of the mill that was built in the 18th century.


Napoleon House:


It is one of the most popular landmarks of Las Vegas. The house was built around 1870-80 by a French immigrant. It was funded by gambling revenues and it eventually became the home to the French Embassy. It is still quite opulent and impressive.


Be aware that there are no phones in the house so you will have to make an international line to get a phone line. The house also averages between 15 and 17 percent sales tax. You can be sure to visit the house when you are in Vegas.


Fogg Estates Museum:


It is the preservation of a great house that was built in the year 1880. It was the home to the Fray Antonio Corporation. The house was apparently one of the first homes to be privately owned in Las Vegas.


The museum is considered as one of the top five most historic homes in Las Vegas. The estimated value of the estate is five hundred thousand dollars. The museum is open for tours.


Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort:


A few minutes drive from the Strip, you will find this 70-foot by 104-foot fort. It was built in September 1864 to protect the settlers from Indian attacks.


The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort is located near the Hoover Dam. It is one of the few remaining structures from the pioneer times in Southern Nevada.


If you have visited in the past, you might remember the line “here stay a day if you like.” If you did, you could have the fort as your home away from home.


At the Fort, you can also see a museum that tells the history of the area, view parks that showcase the history of the area, as well as other attractions such as an observatory and a ranch, among others.


With many things to do in the area, it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing Las Vegas as their vacation destination.